How is food affecting your mood?

'We are what we eat’ (so we are told), although 'we are what we absorb' is probably more accurate. Our diet and nutritional intake has a direct relationship with our behaviour in small and not so small ways!

High intakes of sugar for example, have been linked to hypertension, manic behaviour, panic attacks, fatigue and mood swings. A lack of iron can contribute to depression, extreme tiredness and an inability to cope generally. Whilst a lack of certain micro nutrients can compromise the brains ability to communicate with the central nervous system, which if overtaxed can lead to adrenal burn out and thyroid dysfunction.

The list is exhaustive which is why we offer our clients the opportunity to optimise both their mental and physical wellbeing through emotional and nutritional counselling.

For help with controlling mood swings, fatigue, food cravings and more Click Here.

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