When do you stop working on a relationship and start walking away….

What are the ‘deal breakers’ or what about when children are involved. These are just a few of the many questions that arise when considering relationships and with good reason.

There is definitely a point where it is healthier to part ways and start building a new future. Generally, I have found that couples separate with more ease when their decision is measured over time, after all the work has been done to expose and resolve issues and every avenue has been explored for reconciliation first.

Unfortunately the very nature of conflict often means that one partner will be happy to attend counselling whilst the other will not. Interestingly however, it does not necessarily take both partners to initiate change. Change creates change - it is the law of physics. Partners have rhythms of communication and interaction and if one changes their style and timing in that 'dance' it will create a shift in the partnership. Sometimes it can be for the better or sometimes it will escalate the need for distance but if done with honesty and compassion it will help navigate the way forward.

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