Factory Farming

The food industry is making us sick...

Farming has changed dramatically over the last 40 years. Today very few animals roam freely on traditional farms.

In its place Industrialised farming has taken over however their practices are largely invisible to Australian consumers and the implications have been appalling for the welfare of animals and as a result for our health and the health of our families.

Pig Factory

Caged Chicken

What does it mean for the animals?

Factory farmed animals are confined in cages or packed together in such large numbers they struggle to find space to move or reach their food. Baby animals are mutilated without pain relief because it's practical, cheap and lawful to do so. These animals are ‘fed’ pellets which contain unimaginable waste and bi products which these animals are not designed to eat (hence the onset of mad cow disease) this inevitably leads to disease, distress and hormone imbalance in the animal.

What does this mean for us?

Sick animals produce sick milk, eggs and meat full of cortisol and hormone imbalances from consuming food which they are not designed to eat and from being in a continually stressed state. To combat their diseased state they are then pumped full of antibiotics and growth hormone all of which we digest when we consume their product and their flesh.

There are excellent and accessible alternatives to factory farmed produce which support the ethical treatment of animals whilst ensuring that we are consuming quality animal products and meats. Choosing pasture (grass) fed beef and lamb, free range poultry and eggs will help to ensure optimal health for us and our families. Woolworths is leading the way by stocking their shelves with Macro brand grass fed beef mince and a promise to end the sale of all cage eggs by 2018. Please also find below a link which will navigate you to quality free range and organic butchers near you.

Ethical Meat Suppliers - Sustainable Table

Cows grazing in open fields

For more information on your health and nutrition Click Here

Wishing you happy and healthy eating.

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